Friends of Flanders

On 28 October 2018, Friends of Flanders hosted a charity gala night to say Thank You to the First World War generation. Stars from London's West End presented glittering performances of songs, poems and letters from the First World War.

Renowned singer and cabaret artist Fiona-Jane Weston, known for her highly acclaimed solo show Wartime Women hosted this spectacular centenary gala. Fiona-Jane and her West End friends interviewed artists from a host of musical and theatrical backgrounds as they presented performances and recollections of personal accounts of WW1 from their own family members.

The cast included: Clive Rowe, Norman Bowman, John Barr, Dan and Laura Curtis, Gary Bland, Frank Loman, Emma Brown, Lorraine Donaghey and the Molesing Ladies Choir, Harry Kit Lee, Emmanuel Kojo, Michael Chance, Matthew Harvey and many more.

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Thank You Team, Remembrance Department
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