From 1914, the Cadbury factories produced government orders of ration chocolate for the troops including Cadbury Dairy Milk and Bournville Cocoa. However, by 1917 as raw materials became increasingly difficult to source and the country lived on rations, we stopped making Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate and sold fresh British milk from Cadbury farms back to the government at cost price. In addition to using production lines at the Bournville factory to dry fruit, Cadbury installed a vegetable drying plant to provide food for local communities, and our milk-processing plants were adapted to produce butter, condensed milk, milk powder and cheese.

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From the outbreak of war, the Cadbury family encouraged each person to follow their individual conscience and to do what they felt to be their duty to their country. As a result, the company devoted significant resource to aiding the war effort, from supporting the 2,148  soldiers who fought on the front line to the ‘Cadbury Angels’ who sent out almost 30,000 care parcels to the front line. These female employees worked tirelessly to provide the troops with supplies, books, knitted clothing and Cadbury chocolate and many became nurses who cared for injured troops. Cadbury also gave up property to become hospitals for the wounded.  

Cadbury helped dependents of those serving by augmenting government allowances, paying pension contributions, and holding positions open for the soldiers to return to after the war. Grants made to wives and widows of fallen or injured soldiers totalled more than £94,000 at the time, and the Works War Relief committee supported soldiers returning to work and those who required additional help in taking up their careers once more.  

This year, Cadbury have partnered with The Royal British Legion’s Thank You movement in remembrance of the WW1 generation and to show their continued respect and support for communities impacted by conflict.

"Cadbury Dairy Milk is proud to be working with The Royal British Legion as a partner of their Thank You movement. As a brand that actively supported those who were impacted by the war from 1914-1918 and beyond, this gives us the opportunity to recognise the sacrifices of the WW1 generation and to support the armed forces in 2018." Benazir Barlet-Batada, Cadbury Brand Equity Lead UK&I

The veterans featured in the two Cadbury films are from the Bravo 22 Company. Find out more about the Bravo 22 Company, and how they provide recovery and well being through the arts, on our website.

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