British Future

British Future are delighted to be partnering with The Royal British Legion on 'Remember Together', a new initiative bringing people from different backgrounds together to remember all of those who fought for Britain a century ago.

There is increasing awareness that Remembrance could, should and does belong to all of us. The armies of 1914-18 looked more like the Britain of 2018 than that of its day. British troops fought alongside soldiers of different colours and creeds from across the Commonwealth, including over a million Indian soldiers, 400,000 of them Muslims from present-day Pakistan.  This shared history of service and contribution is something that we can all commemorate in Britain.

Remember Together:

  • Worked with Imams in mosques around the country to give remembrance-themed services at Friday prayers.
  • Brought together young people and families from communities with little contact to learn about their shared history, give thanks to past generations and uncover what they have in common today.