Youth membership

If you are between 12 and 18 years old and interested in the work of the Legion, why not join us as a youth member?

About youth membership

As well as showing your support for the Armed Forces community, you can take part in parades as youth standard bearers, join a Legion band or become a majorette.

Youth membership is free to join until you reach the age of 18 (after which point full membership fees will apply).

To join, please get in touch with your local Membership Support Officer by email or phone.

For more information contact our Membership Governance Coordinator or call 020 3053 7146.

If you are already a member of an organisation like the Guides, Scouts or one of the Cadet organisations you can affiliate the whole group to your local Royal British Legion branch.

Youth Group Affiliation

Branch affiliation enables members to work together with youth organisations on fundraising projects and promotes mutual community support.

Any youth organisation, whether uniformed or not, can become affiliated with a Legion branch. In fact, it can become affiliated to as many branches as it wishes to.

Purchase affiliated unit badges for your affiliated youth organisation.

Youth bands and majorette troupes

The Legion has a number of youth bands and majorette troupes in England and Wales. Some adult bands also accept youth members and teach them to play a musical instrument. Take a look at our Legion Band websites or view our band contact details, for further information.

You must be a Youth Member of the Legion once you are established in the band. You can join some bands or majorette troupes below the age of 12 but you will be expected to become a Youth Member when you reach 12.

Youth Standard Bearer

Youth members can train to be a Youth Standard Bearer and take part in the National Youth Standard Bearer Competition.

The winner of the competition holds the position of The Royal British Legion National Youth Standard Bearer and attends events such as the Festival of Remembrance held at the Royal Albert Hall each year.