Our campaigns have achieved a number of successes over the years. Join us to continue to improve the lives of our Service people, veterans and their families, and make your voice heard.

Commonwealth visa fees

The UK relies on the bravery and sacrifice of members of the UK Armed Forces drawn from across the Commonwealth yet charges them thousands to continue to live here when they leave. This has to end.

Commonwealth visa fees

Veteran’s Strategy

In November 2018, the Government published its Veterans Strategy, outlining the principles and aims that will guide government policy in support of veterans and their families over the next ten years. Alongside this, the Government launched a consultation on how best to deliver the strategy.

The Royal British Legion produced a response to the consultation, and put forward over 100 recommendations to the Government on how to implement the Strategy.

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Loneliness and social isolation in the armed forces community

The Legion’s 2014 Household Survey of the ex-Service community found that 370,000 older veterans reported being lonely. Furthermore, over twice that number reported experiencing some relationship or isolation difficulty – equivalent to around 770,000 people. Despite these findings, research on loneliness and social isolation across the UK Armed Forces community remains scant.

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Count them in

The Legion and PoppyScotland are asking the Government to ensure that questions on the Armed Forces community are included in the next UK Census, in 2021.  This information will help ensure they receive the care and support they deserve.

Count them in

Gulf War Illnesses

Twenty-five years after the start of the First Gulf War, the Legion has launched a new campaign to focus on veterans with 'Gulf War Illnesses'.

Find out more about existing support for Gulf War veterans and what else we'd like the Government to do.

Gulf War Illnesses


Under Government compensation rules, veterans who develop Mesothelioma from working with asbestos during Service were left thousands of pounds worse off than their civilian contemporaries.

Find out more about the Legion's successful campaign to address this injustice.

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The Veteran Employment Gap

Legion research has found that Armed Forces veterans in the UK are nearly twice as likely to be unemployed as civilians.

Tell us your story of securing civilian employment once you left Service.

The Veteran Employment Gap

Support for Service Children

Children in Service families face some big challenges, such as emotional strain due to parents being deployed, frequent house moves and problems with admission into schools.

Take a look at our guides for ways to support Service children in school.

Support for Service children


Under government charging guidance, veterans injured during their Service can lose most of their compensation to cover the costs of their care.

Find out more about the Legion’s successful campaign to address this injustice in England, and our ongoing work to ensure that veterans elsewhere in the UK won’t get left behind.

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In advance of the General Election scheduled for 8 June this year, we need to put the Armed Forces community firmly at the heart of the next government’s agenda to improve the health, finances and well being of Service personnel, veterans, and their families.

You can also read our Manifesto 2015, Wales Manifesto 2016 and Manchester Manifesto 2017.

Manifesto 2017


The Community Covenant initiative calls on local communities to support the Armed Forces community in their area and promote public understanding and awareness.

Community Covenants are making a real difference on the ground in all local communities – get in touch with your local representative and see how they are supporting the initiative. 

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Our Public Affairs and Public Policy team works across a number of strategic areas of importance to the Armed Forces community.

Our policy work ensures that we base all our efforts on the latest evidence and views from our members, leading researchers, experts and the full spectrum of the Service and ex-Service community.

Public Policy and Research