Legion-funded holiday helps Royal Navy officer cope with cancer

Chief Petty Officer Peter Edge has seen action all over the world during his career as a Weapons Engineer in the Royal Navy, but the biggest danger he faced was when he was diagnosed with cancer.

Peter joined the Navy in 1986 and his travels have included being sent to the Gulf “more times than I can remember,” rescuing British expats in Libya in 2012 aboard HMS Cumberland and being part of the response in Afghanistan after 9/11.

Peter's story

devastated by diagnosis

In 2012, after a hard football tackle, he noticed a lump in his neck that didn’t go away. It was initially diagnosed as being simply slow to go down and it wasn’t until he was ‘crash-drafted’ on to a ship that he undertook an ultra-sound and was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma – a form of cancer.

Increased morale

The diagnosis affected not just Peter, but his wife and children too. When a friend mentioned our family breaks, Peter got in touch with us and we were able to send him and his family to North Devon in October 2013. It was a great experience for them all and it really boosted the family's morale.

Peter was given the all-clear in 2013, but will remain shore-based while he has regular check-ups.

“I'm highly grateful to the Legion. Their response was immediate. Our holiday was all expenses paid and it really picked the family up.” Peter Edge

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