The Royal British Legion has a dedicated Money, Benefits and Debt Advice team

How does the Legion provide financial support for the Armed Forces Community?

We caught up with Sabine, part of the Benefits and Money Advice Team, to find out how The Royal British Legion helps to ease the burden of financial pressure for thousands of Service and ex-Service people every year.

“We get involved at any stage that people are facing financial issues – if they've had a sudden drop in income for example, or if benefits have stopped. Some people might come to us much further down the line because they haven't realised the help we can give.

The Legion Can Help at Any Stage

Clients say I wish I'd met you sooner – it sounds like a chat up line but they didn't have a clue the Legion were able to offer that level of support. If I could have helped them initially maybe it wouldn't have got to that stage.

Sabine is part of the Legion's Money, Benefits, and Debt Advice team, providing support for those facing financial issues.

Sabine works for the Legion as part of the Benefits and Money Advice Team.

But it can be a traumatic time for the customer and it’s a lot of hard work for us to pick up the pieces and try and secure a successful outcome which isn't always possible. Sometimes the outcome isn't what they wanted but we've been able to give them a different option.

Referral System

There can often be things they've not thought or known about and I can point them to a colleague in a different department who might be able to support them with that so there is a knock on effect. There are lots of other referrals we can make within the Legion which is great. I've had some lovely feedback from clients saying they just couldn't have done it without us so that's really nice.

“What's so good about the job is that you can actually help someone along a path rather than just helping them with their money issues.”

Initially the first stage is just gathering as much information from them and earning their trust. Then it’s explaining the process and how it works.

One client I’ve been working has had so much going on for him in terms of different benefits stopping and going to tribunal. I've known him for a year and now he trusts me and his case officer, so now he’ll contact us, whereas before you'd have to ring him all the time. He wouldn't answer the phone, he would literally just withdraw into himself, but now he's saying that he could possibly go for some therapy with combat stress so that's a massive step forward for him.

Need support for financial issues such as debt, benefits or pension issues?

Holistic Approach

We aim to give a holistic service where we’re not just dealing with something in isolation, it could be anything that crops up. When we've gained someone's trust then they might mention some debts that they weren’t comfortable talking about at first. So I can bring in debt specialists who can support them.

And that's what's so good about this job, you can actually help someone along their path in life rather than just helping them with their money issues.

Are you having money worries?

Money Force is a dedicated resource for providing money advice for serving personnel, veterans, and their families.

If you’re facing more severe financial issues, then you can get in touch with our specialist staff here:

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