Hidden in plain sight - Veteran Darren Fuller vanishes in London

Veteran Darren Fuller was painted at the Houses of Parliament in London as part of our #CountThemIn campaign, showing how the Armed Forces community is currently invisible on the UK Census.

Darren, from Colchester, served 20 years in the Army, in 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment. During this time he completed tours to Northern Ireland, Macedonia, Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2008, Darren lost his lower right arm while serving in Helmand province, Afghanistan.

However, when Darren was medically discharged he became invisible to the Government, just like 6.5 million members of the Armed Forces community.

Despite an estimated 1 in 10 of the UK population being members of the Armed Forces community, there's very limited information about where they are or what their needs might be. Without information on those who are serving, veterans and their families, it's hard to provide them the support they deserve.

Together we can change this

The Government’s official statistics body, the Office for National Statistics (ONS), along with their devolved equivalents, are already starting to plan what questions will be in the next UK census.

We have a chance to influence the questions they'll include.  Join our #CountThemIn campaign and write to your local MP and ask them to include questions about Service in the census.