Celebrate World Food Day with a WW1-Inspired Recipe from Melissa Hemsley

Melissa Hemsley is paying homage to the WW1 generation with her version of Coronation Cauliflower - an old recipe with a modern twist.

Melissa Hemsley is one half of the Hemsley Sisters, whose food business Hemsley + Hemsley has pioneered modern, healthy home cooking since 2010. Her latest book ‘EAT HAPPY: 30 minute feel good food’ is a celebration of fast, fuss-free, feel-good food that can be made in under 30 minutes.

Since Summer 2018, Melissa has taken her food ethos the extra mile by supporting The Royal British Legion’s #ThankYou100 movement.

This World Food Day she is paying homage to the WW1 generation who served, sacrificed and changed our world by sharing her version of Coronation Cauliflower - an old recipe with a modern twist, taking the WW1 rationing mentality into account as a present-day way to make our meals go further.

Coronation Cauliflower

Ingredients Method
  • 1 very large cauliflower with leaves, approx 1.2kg
  • 1 tbsp medium curry powder
  • 2 tsp turmeric
  • 1 tbsp ghee/ coconut oil
  • 4 tbsp of good quality mayonnaise
  • 125ml of full fat natural yoghurt
  • 1 large handful raisins / apricots / sultanas/ dates, chopped
  • 2 large handfuls of fresh coriander, finely chopped
  • 1 large handful of fresh mint, finely chopped
  • 1 very large handful of almonds or cashews, chopped or pumpkin seeds/ sunflower seeds
  • 4 large handfuls, 100g of salad leaves e.g. watercress / lettuce
  • Sea salt and pepper, to taste
  • Juice and zest of half a lemon

  • Preheat the oven to 200C and let the ghee/coconut oil melt in a baking tray
  • Meanwhile prep the cauliflower into equal sized medium florets and clean the leaves well
  • Carefully remove the tray and toss the cauliflower florets in the hot oil and sea salt & pepper and roast for about 15 minutes until just tender and going golden at the edges. After the first 5 minutes, add the leaves to the tray to roast as they’ll need less time.
  • While the cauliflower is roasting, in a large bowl, mix all the other ingredients apart from the herbs and nuts/seeds and season to taste
  • Once the cauliflower is cooked, let cool for 10 minutes then add the florets to the bowl and gently mix, then layer up a platter with the salad leaves and cauliflower leaves (give them a drizzle of olive oil and sea salt & pepper) then add the saucy florets to the centre of the platter and scatter over the herbs and nuts/seeds and an extra dusting of turmeric if you like

Serves 6 as a side | Takes less than 30 minutes

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