Major Series: 'It was such a fulfilling experience'

Bianca O’Donnell took part in her first Major Series event in 2015 – and is looking forward to getting even muddier this year.

The Royal British Legion Major Series is a fun and friendly event, a cross-country mud-and-obstacle run staged in 5km and 10km waves. The first of seven events will be held in the Midlands on Saturday, 12 March, with half a dozen further mass-participation events planned across the UK through the summer.

“I signed up for last year’s Major Series event after an email was sent round at work asking if anyone wanted to take part. I was already in training for an Olympic triathlon, so I had quite a good base level of fitness. I’d also done similar obstacle-type events before, so I jumped at the chance to get involved.

“And I’m so glad I did. I can honestly say that the Major Series is the most enjoyable charity event I’ve taken part in, in terms of its distance and range of obstacles (from being up to your shoulders wading through lakes and rivers, to launching potatoes like grenades at targets). It also finishes with the pièce de résistance – a great big mudslide – that I absolutely loved. I don’t think I’ve ever been that dirty in my life and was still finding mud in different places days later!

"I was still finding mud in different places days later!" Bianca O'Donnell

“I also thought it was such a fulfilling experience because it’s one of those races that anyone could do. Nobody was left out and we were all in it together, helping each other through the obstacles. I was up to my shoulders at one point in mud and water – you can’t race through that, so it’s about teamwork and getting each other through. This made it a really good bonding experience and a great opportunity to spend time with colleagues that I wouldn’t have done normally.

“The really unique thing was that all those working at the event are all ex-Armed Forces who work for British Military Fitness. The whole way round, you are supported and encouraged by them – and you just wouldn’t get that on any other challenge. I think it’s probably the closest a civilian such as myself would get to doing something that is part of military training.

I did the shorter, 5K route this year, which is great for anyone – you can even walk it. In fact, I enjoyed Major Series so much that I’m already looking forward to taking part again in the slightly tougher 10K course this year, and raising even more money for such a worthwhile cause. And getting even muddier, of course!”

If you feel like getting muddy with your mates, sign up for The Royal British Legion Major Series now.

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