Breaking records at the London Marathon

On Sunday morning, 27 April 2015, Iain Church set out to break two world records at the London Marathon.

On Sunday morning, 27 April 2015, Iain Church set out to break two world records.

He planned to complete the London Marathon in less than 6 hours 55 minutes, breaking both the marathon and half marathon record times. But with the current world record for marathon running coming in at just over two hours how is this enough to get in the Guinness Book of Records?

The answer is due to his running gear: Iain was running in a bomb suit.

The suit weighs over 66 lb/30Kg, restricts movement, and temperatures inside it can reach in excess of 40°C.

A bomb suit is designed for slow, deliberate movements, and blast protection (hence the weight), but the greatest challenge was the heat. To monitor his internal temperature, Iain swallowed a thermometer.

Iain started off the race surrounded by marathon participants, drawing more than a few curious looks from other runners.

Any signs of heat inside the suit reaching a dangerous level were countered by an immediate pit stop and cooling techniques (such as a fresh ice vest). Running a marathon in a bomb suit is a group effort, with a support team of three providing crucial assistance throughout.

By mile 14 Iain is on track to beat the world record and enter the Guinness Book of Records.

Iain looks jubilant after crossing the finish line with a time of 6 hours and 28 minutes, breaking the world record by 27 minutes and putting Iain and his support team firmly into the hall of fame.

Iain gets official recognition of his record breaking time from the Guinness Book of Records. His official record page

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