Poppy Appeal Launches with a ‘Thank You’ to the First World War Generation

Fifteen Poppy installations across the UK highlight the legacy of the First World War generation and showcase the contribution of women, children, the Commonwealth, the Armed Forces, pioneers and artists

Poppy Appeal has launched today with a series of installations across the UK to highlight reasons to say ‘Thank You’ to the First World War generation.

The Legion is calling on the nation to wear their poppies with pride and back its ‘Thank You’ movement in the year that marks the end of the First World War centenary.

To launch the appeal a six metre high poppy installation has been unveiled to the public at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, London, with veterans and Serving personnel in attendance.  Poppy red threads featuring messages from the First World War generation reach out from this central point and are positioned to face in the exact direction of poignant partner locations across the UK.

The installations aim to highlight how the legacy of the First World War is woven through the fabric of the nation, often in unexpected places. The messages written on the threads and the locations have been chosen to acknowledge the wide range of contributions from across the First World War generation.

£50 million target

The Poppy Appeal target for 2018 is £50million – the biggest target ever.

The Royal British Legion’s Director of Fundraising, Claire Rowcliffe said: “During the Poppy Appeal 2018 and as we mark the end of the First World War centenary in this historic year, we are calling on the nation to say ‘Thank You’ to the First World War generation, not only the British Armed Forces, but those who fought alongside them from today’s Commonwealth, the countless men, women and children who played their part on the home front and the pioneers and artists who have left long lasting legacies.

“The work of the Legion is as relevant and vital today as it was in the aftermath of the First World War when the charity was founded. The donation for your poppy will help the Legion support today’s Armed Forces community through hardships, injury and bereavements. Generations of the Armed Forces have continued to serve and sacrifice since the First World War, and we recognise and thank them all for their unique contribution.

“This Poppy Appeal we have set our highest ever target at £50 million. The Legion’s work is entirely dependent on the public’s generous support – so please wear your poppy with pride and dig deep, knowing that you are supporting our Armed Forces community.”

The Legion uses donations to offer life-long support to the Armed Forces community including providing crisis grants, researching the changing impact of blast injuries on the body, lobbying the government on issues that affect our Armed Forces community, specialist dementia care, sport and art based recovery programmes and advising on benefits and money problems.