We Remember Them - Swim Relay

We Remember Them organised a Thank You 100x100m swim relay race to remember a family member, friend or member of their local community from the WW1 generation.

Hundreds of swimmers from swimming clubs all over the country took part in the swimathon at Pond’s Forge in Sheffield on Saturday 8 September. Entitled ‘We will remember them’ the competition saw 4 teams of 100 swimmers take part in 100 relay races over 100 metre. The event began with the Derby Cadet Band and the Last Post, and a diving display. Participants were given commemorative swim caps to wear and each filled in a Poppy Card with the name of a fallen soldier of the Great War for whom they dedicated their swim. The cards were hung as a Waterfall from the balcony and will remain there until 11 November.  

Pat Davey, Chairman Frecheville Branch Royal British Legion said: “Altogether it was a day memorable for many things but in particular the enthusiasm of the people – including many young children and teenagers – taking part; their behaviour and – most importantly – their knowledge of the Great War; what the bravery of our armed forces meant; why it happened and had to happen and what it means for all of our lives today.  Saturday proved that in many present young people’s minds the Sacrifices made were not in vain and are still known about and appreciated by today’s young people.” The event also raised over £5000 for the Royal British Legion and Horseback UK.  

For more information on the event visit: http://www.werememberthem.org.uk/challenge/swim-relay/