The Forces Wives Challenge undertake the National Three Peaks challenge for Thank You

Earlier this month, the Forces Wives Challenge undertook the National Three Peaks challenge for Thank You.

The hike which was set over 24 hours, started at 08.45am on Saturday 15 September at Ben Nevis.  After successfully climbing both Ben Nevis and Scafell Pike, sadly at 04.00am the challenge came to an end due to extreme weather conditions.

Ben Nevis was fine, dry but bitterly cold at summit, with temperatures of -3… the ladies learnt a lot of valuable lessons, including the fact that ensuring quality clothing and kit is essential.  On the approach to Scafell Pike, they could see a line of head-torches from others that were also attempting the iconic climb… and with morale high, their team divided into three groups, led by an experienced team of mountain leaders. However the weather began to close in just after the last team started their ascent – and this sadly meant that only one of their three teams managed to summit…wind speeds of 65mph and relentless rain and hail was thrown at every direction and in abundance!  For other groups starting after the Forces Wives Challenge, their climbs were also at an end as they began to turn around and the ladies passed them on our descent.

Although the weather they faced on Scafell Pike should have been the toughest part of their challenge; it’s steep hike which involves scrambling over hard terrain, when added to the darkness and severe weather they faced, all made for a technically challenging and daring climb – another great lesson in pole and foot placement. A continuous channel of communication led by their mountain leaders and the incredible sense of determination from each member ensured the whole team safely got to ground.  Taking all these factors into account, as well as the predicted conditions forecast for Snowden - the toughest part was the realization of simply not being able to continue and complete the challenge;  the spirit, determination and camaraderie far out-weighed the weather, fatigue and physical exhaustion.

This challenge was the Forces Wives Challenge’s opportunity to share the Thank You message and encourage those around them to stop and spare a moment to think of those that have and will continue to serve, sacrifice and changes the world in which we live.

The Forces Wives Challenge will also be climbing a mountain next year and they are looking forward to being about to give their members the opportunity to share their individual stories, inspiring other Forces Wives’s to be a part of the Forces Wives Challenge and rise to their own challenge; building the community and combating loneliness, and ultimately enabling others in believing that ‘Together we can achieve anything’.