How you can say Thank You to the WW1 generation of Commonwealth Armed Forces

When the First World War broke out, the Commonwealth answered the call with volunteers from far and wide. Those volunteers included pre-partition India, the Caribbean and Africa, all of whom make up a vibrant part of our culture today.

We recognise them today as part of the global family of the Commonwealth, and they served with honour, earning the highest awards for bravery.

As part of our Thank You movement, we’re saying Thank You to the Commonwealth armed forces, who helped with the war effort on the front lines and assisted Britain winning WW1. Read our stories on the first Muslim solider to win the Victoria Cross, the 100-year friendshipThe First Indian Pilot of the First World War and The role of Muslims during the First World War.

There are many different ways that you can say Thank You to the members of the Commonwealth who served and sacrificed their lives during the First World War. Here are a few ideas of things that you can do:

  • Research your family links to WW1 and tweet any photos of WW1 relations using #ThankYou100
  • Observe a two-minute silence to remember and reflect on the First World War generation.
  • Learn to say Thank You in the different languages of the Commonwealth, like "Terima Kasih" in Malay, for example.
  • End an argument as a symbol of Armistice day.
  • Host a Commonwealth nations-inspired dinner party to celebrate their WW1 contribution.
  • Organise a community sleep-out to symbolise the soldiers being away from home for so long, reading memoirs or letters from WW1

For other ideas on what you can do to say Thank You watch our video below or visit the inspire me page on our website.